Activities & Experience

Training Courses

Professional Experience

  1. Teaching undergraduate courses in Differential equations, Finite Mathematics and Computer Applications.
  2. Worked as a director of undergraduate students in Mathematics Dept..
  3. Supervising undergraduate student projects.
  4. Supervising M.Sc. students.
  5. Supervising P.hD. students.
  6. Teaching M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses in several topics as: advance image analysis topic, advance Geo-statistics topic, remote sensing & GIS, scientific research skills,LaTeX for mathematics, computer skills.
  7. Researcher in remote sensing and geospatial information. Expert skills on using Mathematics and statistics tools specially Bayesian networks in remote sensing and in image analysis for the monitoring of Earth resources.
  8. Expert in carrying out data analyses and great skill in carrying out and supervise field work.
Academic title attained

Workshops & Presentations

Dr. Mustafa presented several topics and he has been attended several workshops as well. The most interested topics are listed here:

Evaluation Activities
  1. Editor-in-Chief of the Science Journal of University of Zakho.
  2. Editorial board member of the American Journal of Environmental and Resource Economics.
  3. Editorial board member of the Universal Journal of Geoscience.
  4. Reviewer of several national and international Journals.